Like many people concerned about environment and climate, I entered my initial stages of activism wide-eyed and eager to make a difference. I learned about the importance of waste reduction and creative solutions for re-use. I started collecting food scraps at home to compost. I learned about the ability to reduce my carbon footprint by eating vegetarian, so I did. I gave my time and money to environmental nonprofits and campaigns. I did all of this out of a sense of grief about where I saw our national and global practices were taking us; I was trying to reclaim some…

In response to a recent article released by the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, titled Feedyards are Part of the Climate Change Solution, I start by agreeing that cattle can play an important role in healthy ecosystems. Anyone who has not seen Savory’s Ted talk on the implications of ‘mob grazing’ should do so, and presents an important part of the conversation on the global challenge of raising enough food for a growing population in a sustainable way.

That being said, the simplistic manner in which cattle are claimed to be part of the solution to climate change and that “modern…

Ryan Haefke

Kansas native. Avid snacker. I’m interested in the intersection of climate change, global agriculture, and economics.

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